About me

Having done my bachelor's in IT, drives and excites me to maintain and monitor IT systems and resolve technical problems by providing online IT services.

Being a professional IT Engineer, I help you find the best solution for your organization and process excellence while reducing the cost of compliance.

I currently reside in Abu Dhabi and work remotely for web designing and web development, being an expert in both fields I bring you high quality and low-cost ready-to-use websites for your business including Domain hosting and server management. I provide World's best Web designs, customized and premade layouts. What else do you need? You just mention the problem and leave the rest to me.

As a digital marketing expert,

I aim to bridge the gap between the customer and the advanced technology that focuses on a higher return on investment and a higher conversion rate, which means higher revenue. Your brand can provide a more interactive experience through social media marketing and being a social media marketing expert I will ensure that it happens in front of your eyes. Through consistent engagement and posting of valuable content, you'll start seeing conversations with potential leads. I help people and brands reach their goals and establish their businesses as a leader in the industry by designing user-centric digital products.

Satisfy Customer



5 years



Our team

10 people


Provide a range of IT services with High Quality - Reasonable Cost


Business Strategy

I have served well in all these fields and have helped businesses and individuals keep their operations running smoothly. For now, I will let my work speak for itself.

Founder of HOC Production
Founder of Khaleej Host
Founder of Sahulaat
Founder of ListingPK
Founder of eBazar

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